October 18, 2012


I woke up incredibly sick this morning and so I had to miss clinical. I woke up with an extremely sore throat, pounding headache and cold sweats. Not too happy about this because I really didn't want to miss school!! I'm thinking about going to clinical tomorrow but I'm not supposed to because I'm contagious. Ah...

My old manager also passed away a few hours ago. He was very close to me and I considered him to be my second grandpa. He pretty much watched me grow up over the years and he's been a great mentor. He always told me how proud he was that I decided to go into nursing school. He's been battling liver cancer for a few months now... he's such a strong individual. I love and miss you Melo :( 

Anyways... I can't really concentrate on my homework so I'm just looking at things that I want to buy online. 

I want the jacket on the left. It's from Riverisland.com and is 55pounds which is equivalent to $87CAD. However, they are sold out of size 6 which sucks!! The one on the right has available sizes but I am not sure if I will get it... let's just say that I am 60% "yes"

Isn't this so funny? It's a PJ set with two meerkats on the sweater. Me and my boyfriend have an inside joke about meerkats and this reminded me of him lol. 25pounds so $40CAD

I bought this scarf in dark blue two years ago. I came home that day and my mom told me that she was feeling sad, and so being the nice daughter that I was I told my mom that she could use this scarf. I left it in her possession. Now the biatch has told me that she can't find it which pisses me off because I paid $385 for it!!!! Anyways, I want a new one. HUMPH! 

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