October 17, 2012


... Since I've posted!! During the 4 months away from my blog I've done a lot of shopping. It's ridiculous. I think that once I started school again I became overly stressed and I needed to find support and comfort elsewhere. The mall was the PERFECT place for that! I've been smarter about my money though. Well... a BIT smarter in that I've been finding a lot of awesome deals online lately!! Let me share my happiness with you!

1. J Brand jeans for sale on Gilt.com
I LOVEEEEEEEEEE J Brand jeans! Most jeans don't fit me properly because I have no ass but I've discovered a few brands which fit me perfectly. J Brand is definitely one of them. Remember those mint colored J Brand jeans that I bought from Aritzia back in June? Those cost me around $250. A few weeks ago Gilt had an incredible sale where J Brand jeans ranged from $85-119!!! I bought 3 pairs!

J Brand Beatnik Skinny Jeans in size 25
Wash: Revival

J Brand 11' Mid Rise Skinny Legging Jean
Wash: Snake eye

J Brand Kinsey Panel Skinny Jean 
Wash: Empress

The three of these jeans came to a total of $267. I had them shipped to my girlfriend's address in the states so that my shipping was free!! If you don't have a Gilt account then I recommend that you go sign up for one. I personally like it a lot better than Beyondtherack and Hautelook. 

Sign up here --> http://www.gilt.com

2. Ebay goodies
I haven't shopped on Ebay for a long time but I had to write a 15 page paper the other day and I ended up getting distracted with finding deals online. I ended up buying 3 things off Ebay which was great for me but shitty for my paper!! It took me 2 days to write my paper and I didn't sleep for over 24 hours because I had no time. Yes... I am a total procrastinator. It was worth it though!

I bought another pair of J Brand jeans!!
They are pre-owned but excellent condition so I don't mind 
J Brand 12' Twill Pencil Skinny Jeans
Wash: Kaleidoscope
$24.64 + $18.00 shipping

I bought this sweater in Black
I'm pretty sure that it is a Wildfox knockoff but whatever!
Size Small (only had one size)
$22.67 + FREE shipping

I don't know why but I think these boots are cute
I would wear them with leggings or jeans though
It's way too cold to wear them with shorts!!
They lace up all the way on the front
$32.78 + FREE shipping

3. Cute Korean clothes from Sammydress
While I was on Ebay I was noticing that a lot of Korean sellers had really cute clothes! I was thinking of buying this green military jacket which ranged around $40 from the different sellers. My smart shopping tactics came into play though and I decided to google "cute korean clothes". This led me to Sammydress.com which is an AMAZING SITE!!!!!!!! The clothes are SOOO cheap and SOOO cute! I ended up buying 7 items last night and they came to $70 (I also googled discount coupons and found one for 10% off). The shipping was a little expensive though but there is a sale on Canada expedited shipping. It was another $42 so my total came to $114. Which still isn't bad for 7 items in my mind lol.

Cardigan in Camel 
$11.25 USD
One size

Casual sweater for school 
$8.47 USD
One size

This faux fur vest was only available in medium
I hope it fits okay!!
$21.33 USD

I love this green jacket
$14.74 USD
One size

Red Cardigan
$8.47 US
One size

Black infinity wool scarf
$6.13 USD

I bought this sweater for school LOL
Go Standford Go!
$7.36 USD
One size

For any of you who are wanting to check out the website the link address is here:

4. Tobi.com purchases
I've shopped at this website many times before. I always thought that their clothes were reasonably priced and the shipping was fast. I bought these two sweaters before I discovered the Sammydress.com website... and now they seem a bit overpriced to me!! I guess Tobi.com will always be cheaper than Aritzia though!

If you don't already have an account with Tobi then I suggest that you get one. Their clothing is pretty good quality for the price!
Sign up here ---> www.Tobi.com

Okay well that's all the shopping that I can think of right now. I need to get some sleep because I am overly sleep deprived. I had a midterm earlier this morning and I didn't get much sleep last night because I found that Sammydress website and stayed up shopping. I need to get my priorities straight!!

PS: I changed my blog name because I didn't like "shopaholic student nurse" anymore. Don't worry I am still the same person!! 

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