June 27, 2012

I hate the feeling of anything on my skin. I NEVER put anything on it... no face lotion or liquid foundation. Maybe just some Proactive here and there if I start to break out but other than that... NADA. If I do have a special occasion to go to then I'll use some light face powder. I recommend Smashbox's Halo Hydrating Perfect Powder. It is amazing!! It's so light yet it offers the right amount of coverage. You can find the face powder at all Sephora stores for $60. It's pricey but definitely worth it. 

So considering that I hate putting anything on my skin... yesterday my girlfriend gave me a few Kiehl's sample s for a face serum and moisturizer which I was never thinking of ever using. I was bored last night, however, so I ended up trying them out. Gosh... when I woke up the next morning my face was amazingly soft!!! It felt like baby skin! I went to Kiehl's today with the goal of buying the serum right away but the kind sales lady recommended a different type of night serum and eye lotion to try. She gave me some new samples which I put on a hour ago. So far so good!! My skin is so soft!

I'm pretty sure that I want to buy these products but I decided to do my research on "night serums" anyways. I came across a brand found at Sephora called Dr. Brandt. Apparently, this serum contains retinol which will make your skin firmer, softer and brighter. This one is more expensive than the Kiehl's products, but the reviews on the Sephora website sound pretty convincing to me. I have samples of the Dr. Brandt serum from before and so I'll try those out in a few days. I'll post which one is better in a few days :D

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