February 02, 2013


Here are a few items that I purchased over the week.

I've been looking a bit pale because I haven't had time to tan
so I went and picked up a bronzer (I ran out of bronzer a looooooooong time ago)
When the girl put this on me it looked really nice, but I might go check out Sephora
and see if they have a better one. 

 I kept getting distracted from my online readings and I stumbled upon the 
Asos sale section. This dress is so cute! I wanted the red one but it's 
sold out in my size so I got gold instead. I dunno if I would 
wear it anytime soon though lol

 This crop top is so hot. I don't own any so I had even more reason 
to buy this! I would wear this with a high waisted
leather skirt. Although I still don't know if I am going to
wear this anytime soon. Damn school and my non-existent party life...

Another black and gold purchase! This is a playsuit so
even though it looks really short, my ass will be covered
Again... dunno if I'll wear this anytime soon lol. 

I finally sucked it up and bought a Moschino belt.
I had a very long talk with the Ebayer and she "100%" assured me
that this is authentic. I checked her ratings inside and out and she does
have good feedback. So I'm taking her word for it!

I do a lot of hot yoga but I don't have my own mat towel yet.
Yogitoes is a really good towel/mat brand. The towels
even have grip on them so that your feet don't slide while
you are doing poses! They are usually around $50 CAD but
I found this one on Ebay for only $25 CAD. 

I bought this off of a fellow blogger. The perks of subscribing to a lot of 
fashion blogs... lol! I've always wanted a McQueen scarf. I was 
going to buy one in Vegas the last time I was there but I thought
that I would just wait till I got back in Vancouver. Then I started buying
other things so it just never happened. 

I bought a pair of cute polka dot hot yoga shorts. They
are by a brand called Onzie. I'll do a hot yoga post later on
when I'm not so swamped with homework. I've found some pretty 
cute yoga clothing sites! 

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