February 17, 2013


I have my oxygen supply and demand quiz this coming Monday, and so I've trying to study for days because I want to get at least 90% (I have high hopes!). It's really hard though.. you know.. concentrating on my online readings when I get so easily distracted with shopping. Today my girlfriend and I went across the border to pick up our parcels. I finally got my black Equipment blouse (which is super soft), my Tory Burch Iphone case (which I think may be fake but it was only $7), and my Splendid top that was on sale for only $29. I love going to the post office because it feels like Christmas lol.

I told myself that I was going to do some hardcore studying when I got home but surprise surprise... I couldn't get off of my Ebay. I have been searching for days for a grey Alexander Wang Diego to buy. I'm so mad at myself. I want the oyster grey and I had one on my wait list and was totally planning to buy it at the end of the auction but some biatch decided to use the "buy it now" option. Lesson learned: buy right away!

There is a grey Alexander Wang Diego currently on Ebay but it isn't the shade of grey that I want. It's mercury grey which is more bluish. I would rather wait. Then, I decided that I wanted to buy Isabel Marant sneakers so I spent another hour looking for a pair in my size. Well since those are around $700 I def didn't end up buying any lol. And thennnnnnnn.... I suddenly became infatuated with leather jackets. 

 My old Mackage jackets that I sold

I used to have 2 Mackage leather jackets. A dark green one from Aritzia and another black bomber style one from Aritzia as well. I ended up selling both of them because I didn't wear them and I wanted the money to buy something new (I ended up taking my boyfriend to Whistler). I was fine with having no leather jackets because I didn't think that I would wear them, but my boyfriend ended up buying me another Mackage jacket for Christmas. So as of now, I have one black one!

Mackage Kenya... the jacket I want but everyone has

I was thinking of buying another Mackage leather jacket because I am a huge Mackage fan... but I'm sick of wearing the same things as the rest of Vancouver. Almost everyone owns the Mackage Kenya. I really wanted it before but now, not so much! So I researched and discovered some other really good leather jacket brands. 

#1. Doma
2. Viparo
#3. Muubaa

I used to own a Doma jacket when I was younger and the leather is REALLY soft. It's buttery soft. Both Doma and Muubuu can be bought off of sites like Revolve.com and Asos. They are about the same price as Mackage and range around $500-600 CAD. I obviously hate paying full price when I don't need to so I went back onto Ebay.... and found leather jackets for super CHEAP!! (cheap in my opinion)

I told myself that I was going to wait till tomorrow to buy a leather jacket but nope.
 I did it anyways. 
So here is my new baby <3

Isn't it great!? :D

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