February 05, 2013


I had to endure an 8 hour class today on oxygen supply and demand. It was brutal!! I kept getting distracted with clothes on my laptop... it was very hard to concentrate. Considering that we need a minimum of 75% to pass on all our exams + the actual course itself (high acuity 7100)... I probably should have paid more attention lol. Shopbop emailed me telling me that this Splendid shirt that I had favorited a few weeks ago was now on sale so I had to get it. 

That's what I absolutely love about the Shopbop website!
1. Free shipping if you order within the states *I have a PO box ;)
2. You can favorite items that you like and you'll know right away when they go on sale
3. They have videos of models wearing the clothing so you'll know exactly how it looks like
4. They are putting things on sale all the time!

 Original price: $78.00
Sale price: $24.26
That's 70% off!

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