February 13, 2013


I went to Big White over the weekend with my boyfriend and his friends. I got to snowboard for the first time ever!! It was scary at first but I took one lesson with my girlfriend just to learn the basics. It is def an adrenaline rush! I'm going to try to snowboard more often so that I can have a good reason to buy myself some cute snowboarding outfits... lol.

Toque - Marc Jacobs
Jacket - Mackage Joey 
Goggles - Nooooooooo idea lol
I rented everything else including the board

On another note, I stopped by the mall today to return that MAC bronzer that I had bought last week in exchange for this Nars one from Sephora which got mad crazy reviews.

The reviews were spot on because this bronzer feels so smooth and silky on! 
It is way better than the MAC one haha. 
Plus... I bought it using a gift card that my sister gave me
So it was for free! Score!

My girlfriend owns this and I tried it over the weekend
I usually use my Stila liquid liner for my top eyelid
But I like lining the bottom of my eyes with eyeliner pencil
This one goes on smooth and stays on
It's also only $12
I had a bunch of empty MAC containers that I needed to exchange
 http://nicolecourchaine.blogspot.ca suggested to try out Mac lipstick in Honeylove
This will probably be my new fave lipstick!

I have an obsession with MAC lipstick & lipgloss
NOTE: some of my lipstick looks mangled
That's what happens when you let your 2 year old niece play with them!

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  1. Yay makeup! I looove NARS. I will have to try out the bronzer :)