January 15, 2014

Longchamp Le Pliage

I have been wanting a new bag that I could use for school and travelling (since I sleepover at my boy-friends house a lot). Since I've been a poor and lazy nursing student, I was just using one of my Lululemon shopping bags to lug my stuff around. But of course that bag didn't last forever and fell apart. Then I tried to use shopping bags but they looked ridiculous. So I went on a search online for the perfect bag. I didn't want anything that would be too expensive since you know... I haven't exactly been hired yet!!

At first, I was thinking of buying a Kate Spade Bon Shopper Tote. My boy-friend's sister has one and I liked how it was very roomy and durable. However, I changed my mind last minute because I thought that some of the prints were too "out there" and not my style. 

My boy-friend's sister has this one

So then I decided on getting a Longchamp bag because they are lightweight, somewhat affordable, and they are so cute on!! A couple of my girlfriends own Longchamp bags as well. I was never interested in them at first but after googling some images, I think that they are the perfect work or travel bag! 

I was going to buy the Longchamp Le Pliage in black and large, but then I found this limited edition one on Ebay...

The bag was normally over $200 CDN at Holt Renfrew but I bought mine online from Ebay for only $120 CDN :D I love bargain shopping! I was thinking of buying the same bag and print but with the longer straps, but then I thought about it and felt like the shorter handles make it easier for me to grab things out of my bag. 

I have to get back to studying now wish me luck xoxo


  1. I nominate you for the Liebster Award http://newhautmonde.blogspot.ca/2014/03/liebster-award.html