March 20, 2014

I'm back! (again)

Oops I've forgotten about my blog again :S I guess I was getting too busy with studying for my Nursing licensing exam that I ended up ignoring my poor blog! The nursing exam is a pretty tough exam so I was freaking out and super stressed. It is 200 multiple choice questions and you have 4 hours to write it. It costs about $700 something CDN to write the exam and then you have to pay another $200 something to get your license if you pass. It's so expensive becoming a nurse!!!

My exam date was on February 5th so I started studying like crazy the 2 weeks prior. I literally... studied... everyday. I went to so many different coffee shops and spent so much money on damn coffee. But in the end... it was worth it... because I ended up passing!! I actually just got my exam results in the mail yesterday!

I also ended up graduating with distinction from my nursing program :D (distinction = sort of like an honor roll). My family and friends were there for my convocation and they were so proud of me. It feels SOOO good to be done school. 

I hated wearing this stupid hat because it messed up my hair lol

While I was busy studying for my nursing exam... I didn't bother to hand out my resume anywhere because I figured that I would just deal with that afterwards. Turns out that the ward where I had my practicum (a medical floor) really liked me so they actually asked me to hand in my resume themselves to that they could hire me! That worked out in the end! So now I am finally employed and making $$$. Maybe I should change my blog name to fashionably not brokeass anymore? :P

On a side note... now that I'm making money I've decided to become more responsible with my earnings. I made myself three different budget plans. The first one is based on paying off all three of my darn credit cards. Once that's done, then I'm going to split up my money different every two weeks. Kind of like this:

Week 1:
- Car payment
- Savings
- Chequings (money I can spend)
- Student loan 
- Give some money to my Dad

Week 2:
- Savings
- Chequings
- Student loan 
- Give money to my mom (aka my rent)
- Give some money to my grandparents

...... Honestly I haven't finished paying off my credit cards yet because the first paycheck that I received from work was for only my orientation shifts and one real 12 hour shift. So it wasn't that much money. But I picked up a lot of shifts this month so hopefully I can pay off my credit cards by April. YAY!!

... I still haven't been able to stop shopping though haha. So irresponsible of me still! It's because my girlfriends and I (plus my sister) are finally going to Vegas. Remember in my birthday post I wrote about how my girlfriends got me a ticket to Vegas plus hotel? We are finally going at the end of April!! I'm so excited. I've been trying to lose weight so I've been eating small meals every 3 hours, going to hot yoga, and working out at the gym. I also started taking these pills I found at Shoppers Drug Mart. 

I'm starting to get skinnier... I think? 
Hate how I look so flat in this picture
BTW: I am getting my boobs done this fall.. yikes!

I'm just gonna quickly sum up what has gone on with my life till now so that you all are up to date!

#1. Valentines Day <3

Bought flowers for my best girl friends, grandma, 2 aunts, and momma!
I think every girl deserves flowers on Vday <3

cooked me dinner and bought me pretty flowers for Valentines Day

I ended up finding a pearl in one of the oysters. So cool huh?

I bought this vase for my flowers afterwards from Homesense. It was only $15 CDN

Then I hung my pretty roses on my chandelier to dry afterwards

#2. Some random OOTDs

Wore this out on an ugly rainy day to do errands

Hat - Aritzia (BUY SIMILAR)
Vest - BB Dakota
Blouse - Target 
Leggings - H&M

Me and my sister wore our rainboots out that day too

Valentino Rainboot (BUY HERE)
Gucci Rainboot (BUY HERE)

Another errand outfit of mine

Denim blouse - H&M (I tucked this into my leggings)
Vest - BB Dakota
Leggings - H&M
Bag - Longchamp (I have two of these in different sizes lol)
Bracelet - Pandora

I seem to have been wearing the same vest quite often lol

Blouse - Splendid
Belt - Gucci (BUY SIMILAR)
Camo pants - Zara (BUY HERE)
Vest - BB Dakota 

My "teenybopper" OOTD pic lol
My sis said I'm too old to wear pink Juicy suits!!

Track suit - Juicy Couture
T shirt - J Crew (BUY HERE)
Vest - Aritzia 
Bag - Longchamp 

Went for dinner with 2 of my bestfriends
Then we met up with some other girlfriends for bowling

Top - Splendid
Tights - House of Holland (BUY HERE)
Booties - Sam Edelman Zoe (BUY HERE)
Necklace - Tiffany fleur de lis key (BUY HERE)
Bracelet - Hermes Clic Clac in silver/white (BUY HERE)

Went out for my sister's (on the left) birthday

Dress - BCBG (I hand stitched this dress shorter lol)
Necklace - J Crew (BUY SIMILAR)
Bag (not shown) - Black Chanel 

My sisters outfit is from Bebe

I love my J Crew necklace
I bought it from the J Crew outlet in Seattle!

At another dinner with a different girlfriend 

Scarf - Burberry (BUY HERE)
T shirt - J Crew (BUY HERE)

#3. My sister's birthday 

Me and my sister are really close. For her birthday I wanted to do something special for her since she went through a lot this year so I decided to get her a Tiffany bracelet. I had morning shift the day of her birthday so I snuck in these balloons (my boy-friend bought these) into my sisters room along with her Tiffany bag. She was so surprised when she woke up! Then I took her to a dinner which she thought was going to be for just us two but I had our close friends there to surprise her a second time. 

Tiffany Bracelet - (BUY HERE)

#4. What I've bought recently 

I was doing really good with the whole "no spending" thing especially while I was unemployed. Then I started making money and started going crazy again. I'm going away a lot this summer: Vegas in April, Vegas in June, Toronto in July, and Hawaii in August. So I really need lots of cute summer clothes! Especially since I wanna look good in front of my boy-friend :P

Skirt - Free People Rugby skirt (BUY HERE)

Crop top - Nasty Gal Cha Cha (BUY HERE)

I want to wear both of the above together. I was doing my research online on the skirt because I wasn't sure if I should get extra small or small. A lot of the reviews said that this skirt fit VERY small and to go a size up. So I went with the small. F*CK it's too big on me on the top!! I'm just going to get it altered fml. 

Outfit ideas for the summer
The crop top on the left is from Tobi

I bought all 4 of these dresses from Revolve Clothing
.... You don't wanna know how much my total was 

First dress - Nanette Lepore (BUY HERE)
Second dress - Tiare Hawaii (BUY HERE)
Third dress - Maaji (BUY HERE)
Fourth dress (maxi) - Indah (BUY HERE)

Bought this monokini on Ebay for only $95 bucks with free shipping
Beach Bunny This is Love Monokini - (BUY HERE)

I bought this bikini top because it's a push up (haven't gotten my boobs done yetttt)
It's by Luli Fama and I found mine on for only $60

I bought these body chains for my bikinis from Ebay. They were really cheap like $5 each? Just search "body chain" and a bunch will pop up 

I bought this high-low skirt on Ebay for only $3 lol. It's a size medium though so I'll have to get it altered. I think it would look cute with gladiator boots and a black crop top like the one in the picture. 

I bought this crop top and high waisted skirt from Nookie. SO CUTE!! It was expensive though around $300 for both? I'm going to wear this outfit to Vegas

I bought another Pandora bracelet and some new charms. My sister bought me the sweet sister dangling charm so I figured that I should get a whole new bracelet since my silver one is full. I chose the leather double wrap bracelet in champagne. It was around $55 CND. 

Then I bought two more charms. The rose champagne charm and a studded clip charm. I bought these on Ebay though for almost half the store price (score!!). Ebay is great as long as you take your time and research the sellers so that you don't end up with a fake. 

Okay that's all of the things that I have bought recently (at least what I can remember). I'll try to blog more but I'm super tired all the time from work and my boy-friend is stressing me out right now. 


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