March 11, 2013


It's day 15 today of my "no shopping" attempt. It's actually getting a lot easier! Although, I am now completely bored when I am on my laptop. Since there's no point in looking at clothes online... what the heck is there for me to do!? LOL. You would think that I would be spending more time doing my homework but I'm still a procrastinator. I DID start going back to hot yoga which has helped alleviate a lot of my stress. It's also helped a lot with my energy levels which have been very depleted the past few weeks.

My younger sister asked me to go Holt Renfrew with her the other day because her husband gave her some birthday money. She wanted me to help her pick out some Louboutins. WELL... I am probably the worse person to take shopping because I have a way with convincing people to buy anything and everything. Want to know if you should buy this shirt or dress? My answer will always be "Hell yeah!" Want to know if you should buy something now or wait till later? My answer is "Are you crazy?! Buy it now". 

Going to Holt Renfrew with my sister is a great example of how I like to encourage others to live out my shopaholic dreams. My sister only planned to buy one pair of Louboutins, but I convinced her to buy a Chanel wallet was well. She ended up spending all of her shopping money at once. Oops!

My sister's Louboutins and her Chanel wallet.

I am so in love with the wallet that she bought. With tax it came to $1120 CAD. I actually want to buy one for myself now! I was thinking of selling the Louis Vuitton Boetie wallet that I am currently using and upgrading to Chanel. That doesn't count as "shopping" does it? It's more like an exchange! :D Plus, my ex boyfriend gave me my Louis Vuitton wallet as a "sorry gift" because he's a f*cking crazy psychopath. I kind of want to get rid of everything that reminds me of him. 

My niece is only 2 years old but she already has expensive taste :P


  1. lol you crack me up in posts! love it! love that purse to! i nominated you for a liebster award! check it out on my blog its the second post <3 xxx kat

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