March 02, 2013


 Faux fur vest - H&M
Jeans - Blank Denim 
Watch - Micheal Kors (BUY HERE)
Sweater - Armani Xchange
Bag - Alexander Wang Rocco (BUY HERE)
Boots - Shoedazzle (BUY HERE)

Here's an outfit that I wore today to go to brunch with some girlfriends. We ate at Cache in Yaletown. It was pretty good! After 3 mimosas my heart rate started to increase lol. Such weaksauce.


[day 6]


  1. loving your blog! a new follower right here! and i love your style of writing! it reminds me so much of my self for some reason! hehehe I'm just as obsessed with shopping as you! cant wait to see future posts xxxxx kat

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