March 20, 2013


I thought that I would check out to see if I liked any of their new items. I'm not shopping because I'm trying not to buy anything for a few months, but I thought that I would share what I would buy if I were to buy something. BAD IDEA!!!! It's made me want to shop so bad right now UGH!! Maybe someone who likes my picks will snag these before they are gone and before the sale is over. 

 Tuxedo Shorts
$40 (reg $57)

Sideswept Cami
$18 (reg $27)

St. Tropez lace skirt
$27 (reg $39)

Liddle middle blouse
$26 (reg $37)

Lace dress
$34 (reg $49)

Shirred skirt
$31 (red $45)

Shelley high-waisted shorts
$37 (reg $53)


  1. I love the liddle middle blouse! I'm trying to add more blouses to my collection hehe

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