March 20, 2013


It's day 24 of no shopping for me. AHH! I don't have a hard time saving anymore but now I feel like I have no life lol. It seems like all that I do nowadays is school-related. I don't even dress up because I don't leave my apartment except for when I go to hot yoga or school! So haven't had any OOTD pics to post! I have been thinking a lot about what bag I want to buy next though. I finally narrowed my bag choices down to 2 bags. One of them is definitely the Balenciaga work bag. I want it in the navy blue shade called bleu mineral with giant 12 gold hardware.

I love this bag for so many reasons. First, I LOVEEEEEE big and roomy bags. I'm pretty tall (5'7) and so I find that big bags suit me better. Plus, I tend to carry a lot of junk with me. I also like that this bag is dark blue as opposed to the usual neutral colors that I wear. I really... really... want this bag <3

Balenciaga is worn by tons of people. 
Here are a few of them rockin' their Balenciaga work bags 
(I found these all on google)

I am extremely jealous of Nicole Richie's Balenciaga collection

I wouldn't mind a yellow color as well

I like this color but I already have beige bags


  1. ahhhh i love this bag even more now that jlo has it! hahaha xxx

    1. haha I know... if Jlo has it then I GOTTA HAVE IT! :D