May 10, 2014

Sorry nursing has made me a lazy blogger

I pick up way too many shifts to have the energy and time to blog. But... at least I'm making some $$$ to shop with LOL.

I went to Vegas a few weeks ago with my sister and girlfriends. Here are some of the outfits that I wore

Dress - Bebe (BUY HERE)
Shoes - Shoedazzle... only $30!
Bag (not shown) - Chanel

Go figure.. that my dress goes on sale AFTER I buy it ugh

This picture is from when we went to Hakkasan. It was really strange... it's like the promoters have saved the VIP tables right next to the DJ booth just to put pretty girls in. A bunch of girls got in for free, got put in VIP for free, were given a bunch of bottles of booze for free... hmmmm sneaky 

But at least we got to party next to Calvin Harris!! Love him!

Top - Nookie (BUY SIMILAR)
Skirt - Nookie (BUY HERE)
Shoes - Shoedazzle

At Light Nightclub where they have Cirque du Soleil performers

This is at Wet Republic for Dada Life. We got to party in the booth next to him as well! So fun

OKAY... enough about Vegas. 
Here is an outfit that I wasn't too lazy to take a picture of 

Vest - BB Dakota
Jean Jacket - Zara (BUY SIMILAR)
T shirt - J Crew (BUY SIMILAR)
Leggings - American Apparel (BUY HERE)
Bag - Alexander Wang Rocco (BUY SIMILAR)
Sunglasses - Ray Ban flash aviators (BUY HERE)

I bought this at Sephora. I'm honestly not too sure if it works... I've been losing a lot of weight and everything but it's either due to this product, a result of not eating (me and my bf broke up... I'll talk about this in a sec), or partying in Vegas. 

On my way to work! I love wearing colorful scrubs

My bedroom is slowly starting to come together

I bought this print from Etsy (I'm obsessed with this site)
It's by the seller Charm and Gumption... I would check them out!
I still need to buy a picture frame. So lazy.
The metal tray is from Etsy as well but I can't remember the seller
The flowers are fake and I bought them from the Joss & Stone website
Sort of like the home decor version of Beyond the Rack
My headboard is from Homesense
The nightstand is Ikea

My dressform is from Homesense
I've dressed it up with a some gold bodychains (can't really see it)
As well as some long gold necklaces
The bag is a pink Gucci Soho
Hat is by Goorin Brothers 

 My room is really small so I chose a bedframe from Ikea that came with storage drawers
I store some of my bags in one of the drawers
Some of my other bags are hanging behind my door
The long maxi dress by the way is from Marciano
It is so gorgeous. I bought it with no occasion to where it to yet LOL
It was on sale for 30% off but I found two small holes so they gave me 50% off
I think it's originally $200 something before tax and it only cost me $60 CDN 

SOOOOOOOOO yeah.. me and my boyfriend broke up. We're just trying to figure out our lives on our own. We are still talking and still see eachother though. It's pretty complicated. I've been super sad because I really like and care about him so I haven't had much of an appetite. I think I'm down to 113-115 lbs and I'm 5'7. 

I was doing so well saving money and paying off all my bills but I decided to finally take part in some retail therapy. A girlfriend of mine is going through some relationship/life issues as well so she joined me.

However, her view of retail therapy was a bit more intense than mine because she ended up buying herself a Mercedes Benz. I, on the other hand, settled for a new bag :D

It's a coral colored Balenciaga bag from the 2013 collection
Giant 21 gold hardware
In pretty good condition as well
Would look so cute with a jean jacket, white tee, leggings, and flats or sandals

I bought this from a consignment store at Aberdeen mall called HK Rome Station
I've checked out the bags and they all seem legit
This bag was listed for $1280 CDN before tax but I bargained it down to $1100 CDN before tax

There was also another bag that I saw there (a Louis Vuitton one) that I liked. If it is still there in one month, then I am going to tell myself it was meant to be and purchase it. 

I also bought a Clarisonic Plus in pink. The Clarisonic website had this spring sale where everything was either 20 or 30% off (I can't remember). I have been wanting a Clarisonic for soooooooooo long. I have always had such bad skin... on both my face and back. That's why I chose the plus because it comes with the body brush option. I finally tried this out the other day and it is amazing. Gets rid of absolutely all dirt on your skin and leaves you feeling smooth and fresh. I highly recommend trying a Clarisonic out. 

 I bought these body products from Lush to use with my Clarisonic. They are also... AMAZING! It's my first time buying anything from Lush and I was definitely missing out. The jar on the left is a soap called Turkish Delight. Very creamy and smooth. I use this with my Clarisonic. Then I rinse off and apply the next jar, called Argan Oil. This jar isn't a soap but more of a body conditioner. You are supposed to apply it after you wash your body with soap and it is even richer. Leaves your skin feeling soooooooooo smooth. Plus, both smell so good and compliment eachother. 

I'm thinking of going back to Lush to buy a creamy face wash as well.

Argan oil (BUY HERE)
Turkish Delight (BUY HERE)


  1. Off topic (although that Balenciaga bag is killer), I think you mentioned that you liked Muubaa leather jackets.. do you recall if the sizing ran small? I'm a US 2/4 but my shoulders are a US 4/6 because of my body type and I don't want to buy a jacket too tight in my shoulders even though I know lambskin will stretch

    thanks in advance!

    (And sorry about the breakup.. at least you aren't putting on weight due to it..)

    1. Hey! I didn't end up buying the Muubaa jacket because I lost the Ebay bid last minute lol. I was so angry because I was so sure I was going to win. So I'm sorry but I don't know how the sizing runs. I suggest checking out the Muubaa jackets that are for sale on because they are modeled and when you click size and fit, it will tell you which size is being worn. It will at least help give you an idea!|pcrid|20107854971|pkw|muubaa|pmt|p&

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