May 13, 2014

Long lonely walks on the seawall with my dog

I've been trying to kill a lot of time by walking my dog Enya around the Stanley Park seawall. If you're not from Vancouver, it's a really popular tourist attraction because it's absolutely gorgeous. It takes me about 2.5-3.5 hours to walk it depending on how slow my little chihuahua/pomeranian is walking. No lie, I pretty much drag her the whole way.

The Lion's Gate bridge

It looks dark because of the sunlight but it was actually really sunny and bright

You walk past the most beautiful scenery. I love living in Vancouver

I also took a bunch of pictures with my dog. She's the love of my life!

I can't get enough of my Ray Ban flash aviators

Hehe... so adorable

Here are some of the outfits that I wore out during my long walks. Some chick pissed me off today though who was walking behind me with some guy. I could hear her talking about me and how I was a "Vancouver special", which is a term that they use here to call girls who are non-working gold diggers who date your typical drug dealers. First of all, I am a registered nurse and I make my own money. I'm even considering to go back to school to get my Masters in Nursing. Second, I don't even have a boyfriend and my last one owned his own cleaning and maintenance companies. And third? You're a fat hating bitch. Just because I own a small dog and am comfortable with my body doesn't make me a "Vancouver special". Anyways.. done with my rant. 

I was very close to saying all of this out loud to her in person but I promised my ex-boyfriend that I would control my "temper"

Sports bra - Can't remember at the moment sorry
Workout pants - Victoria Secret Pink

Another pair of workout pants by Victoria Secret Pink

I put together this outfit in literally 5 minutes
I had plans to go have high tea with my two gfs for one of their birthdays
But I almost slept in because I got home at 8am from nightshift!

Jean jacket - Zara
Leggings - American Apparel
Bag - Balenciaga
T shirt - J Crew
Hat - Lacoste
Sunglasses - Gucci

High tea at Urban Tea Merchant
I didn't have time to put makeup on fml

Food was so yummy.. I could barely finish everything because my appetite has been so bad lately

We got my girlfriend a Pandora charm bracelet with this dangling princess tiara charm and one pink glass charm. Now the three of us all have matching Pandora bracelets and Tiffany bracelets :D 

I'm going to Holt Renfrew this weekend with my girlfriend because we both have this promo card. It's spend $200 get $100 off. I think we're both going to grab Ferragamo flip flops.

It's Nurse's week by the way!! 

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