May 11, 2014

I need bags

I know I already posted earlier today but I just came home from dinner and I'm feeling pretty sad/depressed. So I've decided to compile a list of bags that have been on my mind lately. Bags... always make me feel better (temporarily). Even if it's just dreaming about which bags I want. 

Louis Vuitton Siracusa GM

I wouldn't normally want this bag because I don't find anything special about it, but there is one available at the consignment store for a really good deal. I was thinking of buying it just for the heck of it lol.

Givenchy Antigona in Grey 

I am in love with this bag. Maybe I should forget the Louis Vuitton bag and just buy this one. I don't have any grey bags!

Celine Trapeze

I've always wanted one of thes. So many colors to choose from it would be hard to make up my mind.

Louis Vuitton Alma GM in Vernis

Always so many colors to choose from as well, but I really like this shade. I think it's called Amarante?

Or I can also go for a Louis Vuitton Brea in GM

Chanel Shopping Tote GST

Or I can buy another of these because one of my ex boyfriends took back the one he bought me for my birthday. Pathethic lol. 


  1. WHO takes back a birthday gift!? What a douchebag. I'd have smacked him for it.

    I like the Givenchy Antigona. I had a dream last night I bought the Proenza Schouler PS1 though...

    1. Haha yeah he took back my Chanel bag and Tiffany necklace (ended up giving me back the necklace which I sold afterwards). What's even worse is that... he kept the playbook and Gucci shoes that I bought him! I was embarrassed for him :O

  2. my favorites are gucci and channel and mainly Givenchy like this here

    Maybe next birthday :)

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