August 23, 2013

Shopping - Saving - Paying bills - GOALS!!

So I'm already sick of my Gucci bag and I want a new one (go figure). I have this list of dream bags that I want to eventually own but a new bag that I just recently started liking is the 3.1 Philip Lim Pashli Medium. I follow the blog Wendy's Lookbook and saw her Medium Pashli in black croc and fell in love instantly. AND... the bags aren't even that expensive!! About $900 CDN for a new one! 


BUT... I had an epiphany the other day and realized that it's time I start trying to save my money again. Especially because I will need to get my own place once I'm done nursing school which will be in .... approximately 4 months. I sort of made up a draft plan in my head:

I owe about $30,000 CDN in student loans. Long story short: my mom sent me to private Christian university when I first graduated high school and since it is "private", the tuition was $25,000 a year. I hated the school and ended up getting semi kicked out because I got caught drinking alcohol LOL! But, I estimate that if I don't spend a dime on shopping once I start working as a nurse then I should be able to pay it off in about 6 months (I estimate that as a new nurse I will make $60,000 a year) while still living at home (free rent and food).

Then once that is paid off (and I am debt free woohoo!), I plan on saving another $30,000 in the next 6 months. I'll still live at home which I don't mind because I am super close to my family and I get sad when I don't see them everyday. 

Once I have that $30,000 saved, then I will go and find my own apartment. My dream area would be in Coal Harbour but it is one of the most expensive areas to live in downtown Vancouver. SO... I will have to opt for the area around Vancouver General Hospital which is where I plan on working anyways. That way I can just walk to work! I am really picky about where I live and I would want a newer apartment with at least two bedrooms so that I could have an office/guest room. 

I have taken the time (aka wasted a lot of time) to plan out how my future living space will be on my Pinterest LOL. If you want to laugh at boards (or add me) then my username is Babydoll73 or you can add me (HERE)

While I live at my brand spankin new apartment, I'm also planning on having a breast augmentation and rhinoplasty. I already scheduled a consultation with Dr. Warren, who is the number 1 plastic surgeon here in Vancouver. He is so great, that his waiting list is a year and a half long. That's why I went ahead and booked a consultation because I could cancel it anytime that I want if I do change my mind! S-M-A-R-T. 

Then after another year, I might get a new car. I currently drive a piece of shit car that my dad gave me. Well, it isn't that shitty but it was his girlfriend's old car and she is a major wh*re (she talks smack about my mom all the time). I'm not sure what car I would get. My number one favorite car is a black Bentley with rims but unless I marry a millionaire there is no way I can have that car! I also really like BMWs and Mercedes sport cars but the other day as I was walking through this Asian mall in Richmond, I saw a Fiat on display. That car is actually PRETTY NICE!! And did you know they have Gucci Fiats? My boyfriend thinks they are pretty tacky LOL but I kind of want the black one! I am a MAJOR brand whore :P Plus, I don't think the car is that expensive. The regular Fiat is only about $13,000 so the Gucci one might be a little bit more. If I save right, then I could buy it in maybe 4 months!

But this is enough of me ranting about my future goals which will probably never get accomplished considering that it's a struggle everyday not to shop. I want everything! I should sleep now even though it's only 10pm because its my third 12 hour shift in a row tomorrow, and it will be a night shift UGH! So sleep deprived! xoxo


  1. LOL I probably should not leave a comment because I want to tell you that the website "forward" has a big sale, and pashli medium is on sale :p

    1. Haha I saw that! I subscribe to sale notifications on shopstyle. Was very tempting :P