August 07, 2013

Items from the Plenty sale

We have a store here in Vancouver called Plenty. I used to rarely go into it but ever since I found a Mackage jacket for super cheap (click here to read post), I've been making more of an effort to have a look around. Omg, they have a lot of cute clothes that I like!! I've been missing out!! Today their sale section had an extra 25% off so I picked up a few items.

Light blue knit sweater for fall. I got this in a size medium because I wanted it baggy. 
$30 CDN

I already have a tank top that looks like this but this one is made out of cotton and much comfier! 
$18 CDN

Grey shirt with neon green stitching. I bought this because it was only $13 LOL

I REALLY wanted this floral blouse but they only had a size medium. I hate that feeling of wanting to buy something very specific and not being able to because it's sold out!! For example, today I tried bidding on a Balenciaga bag on Ebay that I really wanted and I ended up losing. Ugh. 

Then I came home today and my lovely mother bought me some goodies from Zara!!
The sandals were only $15 CDN. Not sure how much the floral pants are.

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