August 13, 2013

Louis Vuitton Logomania Scarf

I'm pretty set on buying another Louis Vuitton scarf for this fall/winter. Why another one you ask? Because I lent my mother my scarf last year and she LOST IT!! $375 CDN down the fricken drain! 

Logomania scarf in Blue
This is the scarf that I once had. I try not to think about it too much because it gives me high blood pressure. I love the color so I might buy it in blue again?

Logomania in Anthracite (L) and Verone (R)
Or I could go for a lighter scarf and choose of these colors. I think the Verone would be easiest to match BUT I already have a Louis Vuitton shawl in a similar color. No point in having two same colored things!!

Logomania in Anthracite
I don't own any dark colored scarves so this is a good option as well! 

HMMMMM... so what color should I end up choosing? Note to self: do not lend anything to my mom again or you will never see it again


  1. Where do you intend on buying it? I don't believe they have any in stock.

    1. They actually had a few in stock here at the Louis Vuitton store in Vancouver! I haven't had time to go in yet so i'm not sure if there are any more left