June 13, 2013

OOTD / Shopping

 Here's a comfy outfit that I wore to the mall the other day

Sweater - Wildfox
Jeans - Blank Denim NYC
Bracelets - Pandora (BUY HERE) & Hermes (BUY HERE)
Necklace - Tiffany & Co (BUY HERE)
Sneakers (not pictured) - Zara

I have a birthday dinner to go to tomorrow night so I spent sometime at Zara looking for outfits.
What do you think about these?

 I'm not too sure how I would feel about baring my midriff at a dinner lol.
Maybe these outfits are more suited for clubbing

I bought this skirt to pair it with a black blouse but I ended up returning it. It's beaded so the beads kept on falling off!! And for around $90 bucks I really don't think it's worth it... so I returned it!
I can't find it on the Zara site but here is a similar one 

La Senza has a sale going on where you can buy 8 pairs of underwear for $30
So I went all out and bought 16 pairs lol

This is a random purchase but I saw this laptop table at Chapters. The pattern is really cute and it comes with a lamp! So I can use it in bed to do homework, read, or blog!

Bought pants from Forever21

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