June 11, 2013

My Pandora Bracelet Designs

I decided that I'm going to go buy myself some more Pandora charms for my bracelet. I just got back from a week of work up North as a care aid so I really want to buy myself something lol. I was thinking of getting a bag but... I'm really trying to "save"... whatever that means :P

Here are some ideas that I've put together using the Pandora design application on their website. As you can see, I spend a lot of time putting different designs together (time that should be going towards my school work) and I really can't make up my mind on which bracelet I want. 

This is what my current bracelet looks like right now. I bought the blue/green charm as soon as I saw it because I thought it looked really summery and fresh. However, it was very spur of the moment and now I'm totally regretting it. Blue and green aren't even my favorite colors!? meh

I thought that maybe if I DO decide to keep my blue/green charm I might as well try out a blue/green theme. I really like the evil eye charm but I think this bracelet looks weird. I can't seem to get this one to look right. 

So then I thought about a black and silver theme because black matches with everything! I think it looks too dark and gloomy though so not too keen on this one. 

I made a purple and white themed bracelet which is suiting because purple is one of my favorite colors. I actually really like this bracelet BUT my sister has already chosen purple and silver as HER theme!! I don't want to copy her :( 

I finally think that I'm going to decide on this bracelet. It has purple on it BUT also pink and white. Purple and pink are my two favorite colors and I already have the two white glass charms = perfecto! Now I just need $785 to complete this bracelet lol. Maybe I shouldn't have bought myself that Hermes clic clac....

So I'll probably end up selling my blue/green Pandora charm. If anyone wants it let me know. I've only had it for about 2 months!! ;)

[EDIT] So I ended up modifying my green themed bracelet so that it had black instead of blue. I actually really like it now! So now I'm deciding between either the purple, pink, and white bracelet (shown right above) or this green, white, and black one below.