April 08, 2013


So after a month of not shopping, I totally caved in. I was able to pay off my one of my credit cards plus I have been doing really well in school. So I thought that I deserved to buy myself something haha. I was also starting to go a little crazy and bored not being able to shop at the mall or online.

The first place that I shopped at was Tobi.com. They were having a 40% off Easter weekend sale so I wanted to grab a bunch of stuff that I liked before they sold out!

 Smooth Criminal High Low Dress
Was on sale for $33 CAD

 Tori San Tank Top
Was on sale for $26 CAD

 St. Tropez Skirt
Was on sale for $26 CAD

Come Back Romper
Was on sale for $37 CAD

Then... since I've been doing a lot of hot yoga lately I decided to buy more hot yoga shorts. My favorite brand for hot yoga wear is TheOnzie.com. Their shorts are one size fits all... so absolutely no annoying love handles!! They always have the coolest prints and the material is very comfortable. I love wearing my Onzie shorts.

Onzie Side String Short in Sparrow

I also bought these shorts... LOL!
Mikaela Side String Short in Lime Light

Then on another day, I was walking around the mall with my xbf (or is he still my bf?) and I decided to go into Zara. I have never bought anything from there before but for some reason I thought that I would start. They clothes are bit pricier but they are totally worth it because of the quality.
This shirt would be cute with floral shorts and black gladiator sandals!
Zara V-Neck Blouse w/ Tabs in Black

Then....... I found the cutest Iphone case online!!

This comes in a sh*tload of different colors.
I'm really weird though so I like matching the color of my Iphone to my cases.
I had my Iphone housing changed so that it is hot pink!
Etsy Chanel Nail Polish Iphone Case

This jacket isn't for me but I bought it for my younger cousin for his 13th birthday. His family doesn't always have that much money to spend so most of the time he is stuck wearing clothes that have been handed down by both of his brothers. I love my lil cousin so much though so when he said that he wanted "cool clothes for highschool" for his birthday, my sister, her husband, and I said that we would take him shopping. He was so excited... it was adorable! He even woke up early to call us and ask us if we were still going to take him shopping. When we got to the mall, we told him to pick out whatever he wanted. 

We went to the Nike store first and bought him a new pair of Nike Free runners in blue (his fave color). It's so cute seeing how shy he was because he said he was worried we would be spending too much money on him. Then we went to this store called J2 where I picked out this Obey Varsity Jacket. It was about $200? The small was a bit big on my cousin because he is tiny but he'll grow into it :D We wanted to buy him a pair of True Religion jeans but nothing fit him haha. He also ended up with a blue LRG zipup hoody and 3 t-shirts from Forever21. 

When we got home, it was so cute watching my cousin because I could see him constantly looking at his new clothes. The pants that he was wearing were these no name track pants that were too short on him, his jacket was some old no name jacket as well, and his runners looked like they were going to fall apart :( I know high school can be horrible because kids are such bullies so I hope that my cousin fits in. Otherwise, I'm going to have to beat some lil kids up JOKINGGGGG!!

There are a few other things that I bought for my room which I'll do in a separate posting. I'm planning to redo my entire bedroom (yay!) I also bought a monthly subscription to the new Microsoft word 2013 for school. Does that count as shopping? haha


  1. That's so great that you took your little cousin shopping. I love shopping for other people too! Especially if I know they are going to love what I get them.

    1. I know.. I loveeeeeeeeee shopping for other people. I'm a true shopaholic lol

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