April 27, 2013

Mini shopping trip

I went on a lil mini shopping trip with my sister yesterday. We drove across the border to Bellingham which shouldn't have taken us that long but because there was such a long wait at the border, we waited almost 2 hours in line!! We finally made it to Bellis Fair mall where I picked up a cheap picture frame from Target for my room and 2 Pandora charms (they are cheaper in the states than in Canada). 

Got this on sale for only $5.99 US!

I grabbed these 2 charms. Funny because purple & pink are my favorite colors so you'd think that I would choose a purple or pink charm! This blue/green one looked so beachy and calm though I had to grab it. I chose the life saver charm because of my love for nursing :D 

So pretty!! My charm bracelet is growing bigger lol.

I also grabbed these from the Lululemon outlet in Burlington. The top was on sale for $39 US and the bra was $29 US. Pretty good deals. 

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