November 01, 2012


As I've said before, I hate putting anything onto my face. I used to wear foundation when I was younger but that oily, slimy, disgusting feeling at the end of the day made me stop. For a few years my skin was good enough that I didn't even really need to wear foundation anymore. All that I used was Smashbox Halo Powder which is amazing! It's mineral powder and super light yet it still conceals some minor skin imperfections. I highly recommend trying it out. It is a little expensive (I think around $60 at Sephora) but to me it's worth it. I also just started using the matching Smashbox Halo Highlighting Wand. It's so easy to use. You just brush it on both your left and right cheek bones, down the bridge of your nose, a bit on your chin, and above each eyebrow. Blend it all in with your finger and you're all set! 

This pen will make your face look like it's glowing and fresh. 
This also won an Allure Best of Beauty Award

However... ever since I went back to school and the weather started getting colder and colder... I've found that I've been starting to break out on my face again. It's slowly getting better as my skin is getting used to the weather but I've decided to go back to using foundation in the meantime. Here is a review of foundations that I've used in the past and which foundation I find is the best:

My skin type: Combination. Dry in some areas and oily in others 
What I look for in a foundation: good coverage, lightweight, natural looking, & stays on!

I thought that this foundation was quite thick. It provided good coverage that way but by the end of the day my face felt REALLY oily and slimy. I would scratch my face with my nails and a layer of foundation would come off (keep in mind I don't put that much on). Gross! It's expensive too!

This one isn't as thick and it made my skin feel really soft. However, by the end of the day my skin was starting to look and feel oily again. My mom and sister still use this brand though so I guess it's been working out well for them?

This is what I used to use when I was in highschool. It's cheap and affordable but it made my skin feel so gross!! I wouldn't recommend it if you have combination skin like I do. This foundation comes off easily on clothes as well which is super embarrassing. It's like you're wearing a "Mac Forcefield".

I got a sample of this foundation when I last shopped at Sephora. I was hesitant to try it but I did anyways because I was desperate one night. It is soooo amazing! It is lightweight and a little bit goes a long way. It also provides great coverage yet does not leave your skin feeling oily by the end of the day. I'm wearing it right now and my skin feels like it's naked right now. Another bonus of this foundation is that it has skin brightening properties. 

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