June 11, 2014

Some recent OOTDs

It was one of my bestfriends' birthdays on Monday so we all went for dinner at The Keg. 

Dress - Tiare Hawaii (BUY HERE)
Sandals - Dolce Vita
Sunglasses - Gucci 
Bracelets - 2 Tiffany & Co bracelets + 2 Pandora bracelets
Bag - Louis Vuitton Neverful MM

I love stacking bracelets on top of one another

I bought my girlfriend a pink Clarisonic Plus. 
It's the greatest purchase ever! I use mine everyday

I also grabbed her this adorable cake. 
We call her Mousie so I figured this cute mouse would do.

Another outfit that I wore when I went to hang out with my bf (we are doing much better now)

Dress - Indah (BUY HERE)
Bag - Balenciaga
Bracelet - Moschino 
Sunglasses - Tom Ford

I also wore a plain black cardigan from Old Navy and my beige Dolce Vita Sandals


Outfit for a dinner/movie date with my bestfriend 

Jean jacket - Zara
Tank top - Aritzia
Shorts - Aritzia
Necklace - Tiffany & Co
Sunglasses - Gucci
Bracelet - Hermes Clic Clac in White
Bag - Louis Vuitton Neverful MM

Another girlfriend of mine bought a new puppy
She's a mix of Chihuahua/Pom (just like my own dog)
Her name is Precious. I loveeeeeeeeee her!

My pajama OOTD ha ha ha
I was really bored at the time

SOOOO yeah... things with my bf/exbf have been getting better. We still talk and see eachother quite a bit but are now not fighting as much. I'm starting to feel much better! Before our breakup, we booked a flight to Las Vegas. When we broke up I automatically assumed that the trip would be cancelled but my boyfriend talked to me about it a few days ago and thinks we should still go. That way we could spend some time together. So excited! 

I have been feeeeeeeeeeeening for a new bag lately so I called the Givenchy store in Las Vegas to ask how much the Antigona was. For the small it is only $1965 USD before tax. I really wanted to get it in the new light grey color but then I thought about it and there isn't much I would be able to match the color with in my closet. So I'm probably going to end up getting it in black. 

BUT... then I checked Ebay and they have the bag for sale for cheaper!! So I might just end up buying it online because why not buy it for cheaper when you can? I know Ebay is really risky for buying expensive bags but I've been shopping and selling on Ebay for years so I'm really careful/confident when I do buy something. Just do your research: read the reviews, get it authenticated online by purse forum or another company, and remember that if it's too good to be true it probably is. 


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