April 17, 2012

I've been trying very hard not to shop...

.... but I finally gave in today and bought myself two coverups from www.havefaith.com!! All of the coverups are half off and I'm going to Vegas in June so I will put these to great use! I also sort of tried to buy a pair of Citizens of Humanity Avedon Slick jeans in size 24 off ebay. I had paid for the jeans already through my paypal but then the ebay lister emailed me to tell me that they had been sold and she would refund me my money :( On ebay these jeans were only $130 ish and in Aritzia they're going for $200 something!! GRRR!!

These are the exact jeans that I wanted so bad from ebay :( 

I also got my hair chemically straightened a week ago at Is. Salon by Becky. I've been going to Becky for almost 2 years now to get my hair done and she is the best! I don't trust that many people messing around with my hair but she always seems to get it right. The straightening cost me $330 with tips and tax.

I also bought a super crazy hair dryer from Is. Salon. It's by the brand Tuft and I instantly could tell there was a difference in how soft and smooth my hair was after using it!! I was just using a super cheap Conair looking thing (which I'm pretty sure I stole from a hotel when I was younger) and my hair was always frizzy and dry. This hair dryer is the best and I'm contemplating buying a hair straightener from the same company.

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